Bathroom Candles

Do you want to transform your bathroom into a relaxation zone? Then, our exquisite collection of bathroom candles is the one for you.

Our carefully curated selection of bathroom candles is designed to elevate your bathing experience, turning it into a luxurious ritual that rejuvenates both body and soul.  

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Rose Candle - Fragrant Floral Delight

Info About Rose Candle: Description Elegant Dimensions: Standing at 1.3 inches in height and 2.7 inches in width, these candles are both decorative and sensory delights. Color Spectrum: Choose from an array of vivid colors, including passionate red, calming lavender, zesty orange, and more, to suit any occasion or decor..

Birthday Candle Cookies

Info About Birthday Candle Cookies: Description Elevate your celebrations with our delightful Birthday Candle Cookies. These unique cookies not only add a touch of sweetness to birthdays but also make any occasion extra special. Crafted with care and creativity, they are perfect for all your celebratory moments. Unique Celebration Cookies:..

Moon Candle

Rs. 120

Moon Candle

Info About Moon Candle: Description  Crafted in a unique crescent moon shape, this candle adds a touch of celestial wonder to your decor. With dimensions of 2" x 1", it's a perfect accent for any space. Let the soft glow of the moonlight bring a magical ambiance to your surroundings. Ideal..

Coconut Candle

Info About Coconut Candle: Description Product: Sandalwood Coconut Candle Weight: Approximately 200-250 gramsPackaging: MDF coasterPrice: 350 INR + shipping Fragrance: Soothing aroma of SandalwoodType: Raw and natural coconut candleIdeal for: Creating a warm and inviting ambiancePurpose: Perfect for relaxation and unwindingSuitable for: Home decor or gifting to someone special 

Big Jar Candle

Rs. 1,199

Big Jar Candle

Info About Big Jar Candle: Description Transform your space with our Big Jar Candle, a delightful addition to your ambiance. This large-sized candle comes with 10 customizable stickers, adding a personal touch to each one. With 10 different MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), you have the flexibility to mix and match..
Info About Glitter, Swastik and shiny lab candle jars:   Description:  Festive Fragrances: Choose from three delightful fragrances: Sandalwood, Rose Wine, and Firangi Pani. Each scent is carefully crafted to enhance your festive ambiance. Elegant Design: Our candle jars are adorned with glitter and Swatik motifs, adding a touch of..

Shell candle

Rs. 499

Shell candle

Info About Shell candle:   Product Description: Indulge in the rare beauty of our Sandalwood Shell Candle, a one-of-a-kind creation that brings tranquility and warmth to any space. Immerse yourself in the calming aroma of sandalwood, carefully infused into this elegantly designed candle. Key Features: Exquisite Design: Crafted in the..

Wooden logs Candle

Info About Wooden logs Candle:   Product Name: Wooden Logs Candle Fragrance Option: Sandalwood Packaging: Available in sets of 2 and 4 wooden log candles Pricing : 1499 + shipping (for a set of 2) and 1999 + shipping  Weight of Candle: 280 grams Description: Elevate your ambiance with the..

Tall Jar candle

Info About Tall Jar candle: Description Elevate your ambiance with our Tall Jar Candle, a delightful addition to your decor and a fragrant treat for your senses. These candles come with the option of two different types of enchanting decorations, allowing you to choose the style that suits your space..

Cork lid Candle

Rs. 1,499

Cork lid Candle

Info About Cork lid Candle : Description Product Cork lid Candle Fragrance Aqua and Firangi pani Weight 280 grams Packaging Rigid box with Rooh printing Elevate your senses with our exquisite Aqua and Firangi Pani Scented Cork Lid Candle. This high-quality, 280-gram candle is a luxurious addition to your ambiance...
17 products

Bathroom Candles

17 products

What People Say About Us

Why Choose Velenosa Bathroom Candles?

 How does Velenosa ensure the quality and sustainability of its bathroom candle?

At Velenosa, quality is our foremost priority. Our bathroom candles are handcrafted with precision and care, using only the finest materials. We use eco-friendly soy wax and natural fragrance oils to ensure that each candle burns cleanly and emits a rich, consistent aroma throughout its long life.

What steps does Velenosa take to maintain the authenticity and variety of scents in its bathroom candle collection?

Our extensive range of scents is carefully curated to suit every mood and preference. Whether you seek the calming embrace of lavender, the invigorating notes of citrus, or the warmth of vanilla, our bathroom candles offer an array of captivating fragrances. Our commitment to scent perfection ensures that you get an authentic, immersive experience every time you light one of our candles.

 What makes these candles suitable for both personal enjoyment and as thoughtful gifts?

Our bathroom candles are not just sources of fragrance; they are works of art. Each candle is encased in elegant packaging, ranging from sleek glass containers to minimalist ceramic jars. These exquisite designs add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor, making them perfect for gifting or personal indulgence.

 How does Velenosa ensure its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the production and packaging of its candles?

We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Velenosa's candles are made using eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring that you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance without harming the planet. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, from production to packaging.

How does Velenosa ensure extended burn times for its bathroom candles?

Our bathroom candles are designed to offer extended burn times, allowing you to savor their soothing glow and fragrance for hours on end. You can trust that your Velenosa candle will accompany you through numerous relaxing baths and serene moments of self-care.